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Vecoton provides commercial grade hardware solutions for interactive patient care solutions, our customer can integrate educational, communications and entertainment resources to the patient at the bedside through the smart bedside terminal. Patients enjoy HD TV programming, play games,  listen to the radio, make a phone call or surf the Internet, all on a single screen.


Vecoton will continue to deliver an innovative hardware solution that seamlessly integrates with customers’ hospital IT systems on to a high performance Patient Engagement platform. To do the software integrations, we will provide full BSP support to enusre our customers’ software could run very well on our platform.


If you want to get a point-of-care access to hospital systems through our bedside terminals with integrated healthcare software, we also have stable partners in Europen and America who have already been working with us for some successful projects, they can provide all-in-one solution including Tablet, Tuner and wall-mounted Arms, beside those, the partners have their own healthcare software that can stream any content to the devices and also integrate with hospital information systems and display them on our Point Of Care Terminal, so if you want to get an off-the-shelf products with healthcare software&Arm solution, we have solutions that can benifit to all ends and grow our business together.


So the purpose of healthcare solution is to enable hospitals to optimise patient engagement, clinical outcomes and workflow efficiencies.

Smart Bedside Terminal

10" to 21"

Digital Whiteboards

10" to 55" or larger

Android & Linux

Supported OS

Our solution is not limited on small or middle size, our large size terminals have been widely used in hospital waiting hall, doctor room as a patient whiteboard.

As the nurse station is also one of the important links between doctors and patients , our tabletop tablets like L-shape tablets, Inclined Android Tablet and LED light ring tablets are also very popular.

Beside above products, our slim portable rugged tablet has released to Android10.0 with built-in Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth, cellular modules on chipset, the tablet adopts Qualcomm MSM8953 Octa-core processor with 2.0GHZ speed. The special designed enclosure endows it very good ingress protection rating of IP67 (in accordance with MIL-STD-810G). In addition, NFC(13.56M) is one of the standard configurations. Although this device is slim design, the equipped 7500mAh battery could suppout a long-time use. Therefore, Vecoton’s rugged Andorid medical tablet paly an important role for the patients.

rugged medical tablet

Interactive TV

For the integrators who provide hospitals with interactive patient care solutions that engage entertainment ,education, games, radio, audio, books and HD TV programming and so on.

Patient Engagement

By giving them access of the medical application used in the hospita, so that patients can visit something such as Electronic Medical Records, medical imaging, Interactive Communication tool , meal ordering, temperature controls. and clinical workflow improvements.

Affordable Devices

Avoid expensive data computer repairs and replacements by utilizing our affordable tablet-based solutions to run your solution for safety and inspection. At the same time, we support customizaion and ODM service. For further information, please contact sales our team.

Care Team

Patients can find their real-time Care Team through our healthcare terminal which can improve communication between patients and their current care team members for sharing more information or real-time feedback and requests.