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Agricultural Machinery

Modern agricultural intelligence includes the implementation of programmatic and computer software in various aspects such as breeding and seedling cultivation, plant planting management, soil and environmental management, and agricultural technology facilities. The high-tech electronic intelligent control mounted terminal of agriculture not only scientifically and effectively manages farming, but also is safe and applicable.

Agricultural intelligent application of modern electronic technology is the inevitable choice to achieve sustainable development of agricultural intelligence; at the same time, the promotion of agricultural intelligent development can promote the leap of modern electronic technology. This requires us to correctly understand the connotation and intrinsic link between agricultural intelligence and modern electronic technology!

Intelligent agriculture must not only have a complete software system, but also have high requirements on the hardware and software of computer tablets.

Vecoton’s rugged terminals are not only used in heavy duty truck and mining, but also in forklifts, excavator, cranes, bulldozer, tractor and agricultural machinery etc. with 4CH or even 8CH video recorder could monitor the driver safety and their behave, your real-time tracking software solution on our platform will help you to know the exact location of vehicles and reduce inspection time.

Widely applications

Our rugged devices could be Widely used in industrial applications such as mining, power, forestry, navigation, municipal, marine, coal and gas industry etc, no matter fixed mounted or used as a handheld or portable device

Data Management

Documents are stored at driver’s finger tips, driver could manage the files, journey plans etc on local computer or service to Improve your fleet's compliance and reduce costs, set up your fleet for compliance in minutes on our platform

Tracking & Monitoring

Find out the position of your fleet, mining truck, marine etc, and the real-time tracking solution and monitoring system could provide immediate support in the case of an emergency

Affordable Mobile Devices

Avoid expensive data computer repairs and replacements by utilizing our affordable tablet-based solutions to run your solution for safety and inspection.